Jack: Journal of Accounting Knowledge published three times a year by the Accounting Department of Pontianak State Polytechnic. Jack publishes writings on research results, conceptual ideas, theoretical studies and applications, literature reviews and practical writings in accounting knowledge.



Jack: Journal of Accounting Knowledge contains the essence of research results on issues surrounding the field of accounting that can benefit academics, practitioners, government, or society. Japri's research results focus on various economic and social themes, topics and aspects, including (but not limited to) the following topics:



1. Accounting Information System
2. Audits
3. Islamic Accounting,
4. Management Accounting
5. Financial Accounting
6. International Accounting
7. Behavioral Accounting
8. Environmental Accounting
9. Taxations
10. Public Sector Accounting
11. Financial Management
12. Corporate Governance
13. Ethics and Professionalism
14. Accounting Education
15. Capital Markets
16. Banking
17. Sustainability Reporting